Bright living room space with luxurious brown leather chairs and original wooden casement windows

From the floor-to-ceiling windows in their original wooden casements, to the exposed brick wall, we started with this Brooklyn brownstone’s attractive architectural elements to create a space evocative of a great room. The soft, oversized leather chairs, a cream sofa, and beaded chandelier infuse the room with casual elegance.

 Blue painting hanging over soft white sectional sofa
 Outdoor area with round stools
 Open concept living area with round wooden table
 Bedroom with textured wall and glass light fixtures

Connected by light treatments and furnishings of both classic and modern design, areas within the open floor plan were created for dining and entertaining: a round table and comfortable banquette for easy conversations with friends, a large tufted couch for lounging after a meal.   

 Open concept living area with stairway going down
 Bedroom with delicate window coverings
 Living space with round wooden table

Lauren drew her color inspiration from her home state of Kentucky, hence the creamy palette is accented throughout with variations of blue. Among the soft woods, antique metals, and cozy interiors, a youthful, laid-back environment echoes with the charms of the dreamy old South. 

 Tall wooden case with books
 Blue painting hanging over soft with sectional sofa
 Outdoor seating area with blue chairs