Stefania wanted to keep faith with the 1880s architecture of a Catskill mountain town. 

Gutted the from ground up, with labor and materials drawn from local sources, the space remains true to its farmhouse heritage.

Art Home Garden_Inteior-20.jpg

It began with the questions: "What does the space call for? What does it deserve?" We answered.


Art Home Garden_Inteior-04.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-05.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-06.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-12.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-16.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-18.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-29.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-19.jpg

Almost every piece of art and furniture, down to the cabinetry, vanities, and bathtub, were custom-created for the space.

Art Home Garden_Inteior-32.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-33.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-34.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-35.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-36.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-39.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-45.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-40.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-43.jpg
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Art Home Garden_Inteior-50.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-49.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-54.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-59.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-60.jpg
Art Home Garden_Inteior-62.jpg
Art Home Garden_Bungalow-03.jpg
Art Home Garden_Bungalow-05.jpg

An interplay of wood, with brass, copper, bronze, and steel accent the space.